The cultural tips from Jo Landwehr

This month the cultural tips from Jo Landwehr.

Where do Hamburg’s architects prefer to go? Hamburg architects regularly report here what they like best in Hamburg.

What is also recommendable away from the big attractions? Whether restaurant or concert, an exciting building or an exhibition. Let us inspire you!

This questionnaire is filled out by Jo Landwehr

The cultural tips from Jo Landwehr

Jo Landwehr @ Dorfmüller Klier

For the light muse: … go to the MKG again.
because: … the current exhibition of the New York agency Sagmeister & Walsh provides information about the beauty of things. “Beauty” is multi-layered, exciting, interactive and an experience for all Generations! The MKG is worth a visit anyway.

Für Experimentierfreudige: … ein Abendessen im „Kuchnia“
… Polnisches Essen, Georgische Weine, kiezige Interieurs und im Zweifel auch der Wodka
unverhoffte Überschungen bereithält.

The cultural tips from Jo Landwehr

Which is not to be missed: … French fries on the jetty in Teufelsbrück
because: …because there are hardly any better low-threshold offers in beautiful Hamburg and paired with a walk through the Jehnischpark doesn’t even care about the calories.

Favourite projects

Your favourite building: … the Altona hospital
because: …it’s a beacon of proportion.

Your own favourite project from your office: The new Haspa building at Schulterblatt…
because: …in many ways, it reflects what we’re working for and what we’re working on:
– the mixed-use mix of housing, subsidized housing, office space, banking, safe, storage rooms all in one house and behind one facade
– the “unlocking” of the urban development situation in dialogue with the sculptural elaborate facades of the neighbouring buildings of the Wilhelminian period
– the open design of the ground floor zone despite high safety requirements and risk of vandalism
– Wooden windows in commercial buildings!
– the cooperation and integration of Heiko Zahlmann’s art within architecture designs (Kunst am Bau)

The cultural tips from Jo Landwehr

Haspa Schulterblatt © Dorfmüller Klier


Jo Landwehr
Since 2016 foundation of LH Architekten Landwehr Henke + Partner mbB
since 2006 foundation LH Architekten GbR with Helmut Henke Hamburg
2000 – 2006 Head of design and competitions, Office Bothe Richter Teherani, BRT Architekten, Hamburg
1997 – 1999 Project architect Daniel Libeskind, Berlin / Los Angeles
1997 Diploma in Architecture at the Technical University of Hanover
1993-1994 Architecture studies at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia
1992 Diploma in interior design at the University of Art and Design, Hanover
1967 Born in Laer near OsnabrückLH Architekten was founded in 2006 by the architects Jo Landwehr and Helmut Henke
and now consists of a team of 35 architects and interior designers. Since 2016
Heike Hillebrand and Udo Schaumburg are involved as partners.
The focus of the office is on the construction of new office and residential buildings, in
cultural area as well as in the further construction of listed buildings.

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