With a motto of ‘Building the city anew’, the International Building Exhibition (IBA) took place on the Elbe islands in 2013. 63 projects were completed on the 35 km2 site which stretches from Veddel in the north to Harburg’s inland port in the south.

The International Garden Show (igs) took place in conjunction with the IBA. The ‘Wilhemsburg Central’ district was created at the western end of the igs. Under the title ‘Building Exhibition within the Building Exhibition’, the IBA devoted itself to a number of different projects here with the theme of home construction. Four different building types have been used to illustrate the future of housing: From hybrid houses to intelligent materials and a total of 130 apartments. A number of sports facilities were also created in cooperation with the igs. A basketball hall, which was used as a floral exhibition hall by the igs, a skate park, a climbing hall and a new swimming pool.

Join us for a ‘Leap across the Elbe’ where we will explain all these exciting projects.

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Architektur u.a. von: Han Slawik, NL-D, Onix, kfs krause feyerabend sippel, eins:eins, Kunst und Herbert, Petersen Pörksen, Czerner Göttsch, Hauschild + Siegel, LAN architecture, Lorenz + Partner, BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, Brandhuber + Niehüsers, Kleffel Papay Warncke, Bieling Architekten, Zillerplus, Splitterwerk, Kennedy & Violich, Bel Sozietät, Adjaye Associates, planpark, Fusi & Ammann, Schenk + Waiblinger, Bolles und Wilson, Studio Andreas Heller, Allmann Sattler Wappner, feddersen architekten, Kaden Klingbeil, Sauerbruch Hutton, Gössler Kinz Kreienbaum, bof, Häfner Jimenez, Könermann Siegmund