Every day worldwide new buildings spring up in front of our very eyes. Whether modern or traditional, designed with a public face, or hidden away, a-tour can show you what’s new in the local architectural scene. We offer architectural voyages of discovery worldwide. Our tours are tailor-made for Architects as well as other professionals and also for a culturally interested audience. In co-operation with our
international network Guiding Architects we guarantee a high quality experience.

Our guides – architects themselves – explain the details behind the facade. We „open doors“
exclusively and lead you into places, which make your journey unforgettable.

The following trips we realised for existing groups on demand:
Dubai, Bilbao and the Basque Provinces, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, New York City, Tokio, Lyon, Wroclaw, Porto und Lisbon, Marseille, Nantes, Hamburg, Amsterdam-Rotterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, South Africa, Brasil, Moscow, Santiago de Chile and Barcelona

At the moment we don´t offer any individual trips in english language (only german). Find more details here. If you are an existing group give us a call or write us an e-mail at we would be pleased to help you.