World heritage

The UNESCO world heritage tour starts at the “Kesselhaus”. We start with an explanation of the city model; we will show you the historical context and the background to the decision-making process. From here we will make our way along the many canals linking through the almost unchanged and almost completely preserved “Speicherstadt” which consists of 15 large historic warehouses, founded on oak piles and constructed in red brickwork in the Neogothic Style. Following our route towards the “Domplatz” we reach the neighbouring “Kontorhaus” area, these buildings were the first prototype offices of the 20th century in Europe. In particular the “Chilehaus” with its tapered, pointed corner, reminds us of a bow of a ship. This building is regarded nowadays as an icon of the brick Expressionism of this time. The tour ends in the “Kontorhaus” quarter. The tour shows the connections between the earlier storage houses located in the free port area and the commercial “Kontohaus” quarter.

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Architektur u.a. von: von Gerkan Marg und Partner, Franz Andreas Meyer, Christian Zimmermann, Johannes Grotjan, Werner Kallmorgen, Breimann Bruun, Fritz Höger, Hans und Oskar Gerson, Klophaus Schoch zu Putlitz

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