BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize 2020

Despite Corona, this year again the best Hamburg buildings could be awarded the prestigious BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize and the BDA / Hamburger Abendblatt Public Architecture Prize 2020!

With these two awards, the BDA Hamburg (Bund Deutscher Architekten) wants to honor and highlight exemplary buildings that have been created in the Hamburg area in the past two years and set quality standards in contemporary architecture. Architects are honored together with their clients for their joint work. The award winners receive a certificate and all the award-winning buildings are made available to the public on the Internet and in a catalog documentation.

This year, for the first time, entertaining films were created documenting the jury work, the award-winning building projects and the award ceremony. All films and further information on the winning buildings can be found on the BDA Hamburg website.

BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize 2020

Jury: Martina Bauer, Architektin, Berlin· Till Briegleb, Journalist, Hamburg· Prof. Dietrich Fink, Architekt BDA, München (Jury chair)· Franz-Josef Höing, Oberbaudirektor, Hamburg· Prof. Mikala Holme Samsøe, Architektin MAA, München

The jury selected three equal 1st prize awards, six equal 2nd prize awards, and seven equal 3rd prize awards from 83 entries from the 2018 – 2020 construction years from the greater Hamburg area. It also awarded 19 buildings with an appreciation. For the public architecture price, which the BDA Hamburg assigns together with the daily paper Hamburger Abendblatt in a second stage, it nominated further nine buildings. The catalog will be published in spring 2021 by Dölling und Galitz Verlag under the title “BDA Hamburg Architektur Preis 2020 – Die Baujahre 2018 – 2020”.

Laureates of the BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize 2020                                                                      The three equally ranked BDA Hamburg Architecture Prizes 2020 (1st prize rank) go to:

1. prize_Carmody-Groarke_Grossmarkt-Theater-Pavillon

1. prize_Carmody-Groarke_Grossmarkt-Theater-Pavillon_©Johan_Dehlin

1st prize for: Großmarkt Theater Pavillon, Banksstraße 28, 20097 Hamburg                                            Building task: New pavilion for culture and gastronomy                                                                              Architect’s office: Carmody Groarke, London Client: Mehr! Theater, Hamburg

Jury assessment: In Hamburg, people don’t like to see crazy things, despite their affinity with the English way of life. But when an unknown architectural object from the island does land, it is met with the greatest sympathy. The silver flying disc in front of the Mehr Theater in the Grossmarkthallen, where fans of Harry Potter 2020 should actually be enjoying their potions during the break, is also a magical place in its own right. Like a shape-shifter, the bar container reacts to its surroundings, reflecting the lighting moods at the harbor with its cladding. The undulating aluminum skin takes up the curves of Bernhard Hermke’s iconic architecture, while the round basic shape responds to the striking “hats” of the ventilation towers. Inside, this wooden structure is a black-beamed marquee with an atrium and a view of Hermke’s concrete blaze. Cozy, quirky, spartan, yet full of character. A crazy combination that sets a dazzling accent. No magic spells needed, except perhaps, “Applaud!”

1. prize_gmp_Bahnhof_Elbbruecken

1. prize_gmp_Bahnhof_Elbbruecken_©a-tour

1st prize for the: Underground and S-Bahn station Elbbrücken Elbbrücken, 20457 Hamburg                   Construction task: New construction of two stops, underground and S-Bahn station                                Architect’s office: gmp – Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg                                          Client: Underground station and Skywalk: Hamburger Hochbahn AG                                                       Roof S-Bahn station: DB Station & Service AG

Jury assessment: These communicating tubes of mass transit are the new gatekeepers of the city. With their provocative fishnet stocking design, the two glass legs for the S-Bahn and U-Bahn greet the entrance to beautiful Hamburg, or say goodbye to the sad farewell. As the veiled sisters of the Elbbrücken, the two stations are an architectural welcome to a place that for a long time waited primarily for better times. Now they enter into a dialogue with the steel arches of the Elbe bridges, although they do come a little too close to them. But that’s perhaps the way it is with too much love for old landmarks. On the other hand, these intermediate stations for jumping over the Elbe can claim to put an end to the sad history of Hamburg’s train stations. Since the end of the war, the above-ground rail network has seen architectural quality demolished rather than built. Now, at this prominent location, the Elbbrücken double station finally formulates pride in the beauty of engineering achievements again and says its loud “Ahoy!” to travelers.

1. prize_LH-Architekten_Schulterblatt

1. prize_LH Architekten_Schulterblatt_©Dorfmueller-Klier

1st prize for the: Schulterblatt residential and commercial building, Schulterblatt 65, 20357 Hamburg Building task: New construction of a residential and commercial building with bank branch and associated offices as well as 4 small rental apartments                                                                                     Architect’s office: LH Architekten Landwehr Henke + Partner mbB, Hamburg                                         Client: NM Nord-IMMO Management GmbH & Co. KG

Jury assessment: When strangers in Hamburg stand in front of a new building and laughingly shout “Go for it!” to each other, something extraordinary must have happened. And if it happens regularly, as with the corner building erected on the Schulterblatt in place of the most famous branch of the Hamburg Savings Bank, then someone has done something very right. Where the windows used to clink on every Hamburg riot night, there now stands a residential and commercial building that both picks up on the founding spirit of its built neighborhood and its structure, and creatively reflects the liveliness of the Schanzenviertel. A slender “framework” of concrete beams and columns, in which large light wooden windows, loggias and, in the setback, a terrace create sculptural depth, connects logically with the context on all sides. Artistically refined by vertical concrete hatching with cheeky grained zig-zag graphics, however, the stubbornness of the genius loci is also met. The house itself is now making a ruckus, in the best sense of the word.

BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize 2020

The BDA / Hamburger Abendblatt Public Architecture Award 2020 goes to:

The 1st Public Architecture Award for Waterworks Falkenstein, Falkensteiner Ufer 38, 40, 40a, 42a, 42b, 2258 Hamburg                                                                                                                                     Building task: Renovation and conversion of the former pumping station of the Bauerspark waterworks into condominiums in accordance with the preservation order                                                                   Architect’s office: BIWERMAU Architekten BDA                                                                                        Hamburg Client: Renovation in accordance with the preservation order / extended shell: Waterworks Falkenstein GbR, Stephanie Siewert / Andreas Hanitsch / Extensions: various private clients

The winning building was chosen by a wide margin from nine nominated buildings by the readership of the daily newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt.

The 2nd Public Architecture Prize is awarded for the building “Großmarkt Theater Pavillon” to Carmody Groarke, London and her client Mehr! Theater, Hamburg.

The 3rd Public Architecture Prize was awarded to gmp – Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg and their clients Hamburger Hochbahn AGand DB Station & Service AG for the “U- und S-Bahnhof Elbbrücken”.

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