1st Forum Bahrenfeld: PETRA IV in the Science City

With the 1st Forum Bahrenfeld for the construction of the X-ray microscope PETRA IV in Science City, a broad communication and participation process for Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld will start on Wednesday, September 2, which is to support the sustainable exchange with knowledge and responsibility bearers.

1. Forum Bahrenfeld in der Science City

1. Forum Bahrenfeld, PETRA IV in der Science City © Science City

This first Forum Bahrenfeld will take place mainly online and will consist of four short lectures followed by a question and discussion session. The focus of this first podium event will be on the new construction of the X-ray microscope PETRA IV and its integration into the further development of Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld. Furthermore, detailed information will be given on the planned changes to the land use plan and the surrounding landscape programme in this area.

1st Forum Bahrenfeld: PETRA IV in the Science City

The event will be broadcasted live from the ground floor of the trotting track grandstand into the internet and streamed via this site. Questions can be submitted live via chat or up to two days before the event via www.sciencecity.hamburg and a form set up there. The participants of the podium will take up your questions and topics and answer them directly during the event.

Due to the corona, only about 20 places are available on site, primarily for people with no or limited Internet access. There are still places available on site. Advance registration is absolutely necessary, as the entrance will be controlled.

The event will be translated into sign language.

Dr. Stefanie von Berg, district manager Altona
Prof. Dr. Helmut Dosch, Chairman DESY Board of Directors
Holger Djürken-Karnatz, Head of Project Group Deckel A7, BSW
Prof. Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, Management SC GmbH
Hans Gabányi, Head of Nature Conservation, Green Planning and Energy Office, BUKEA
Prof. Dr. Christian Schroer, Project Management PETRA IV
Johannes Gerdelmann, Head of Department of Economics, Building and Environment, BA Altona

Prof. Dr. Gesa Birnkraut

19:30 – 22:00

Trotting course Bahrenfeld

Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld GmbH
District Office Altona

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