During the 1.5 hour architectural guided tour BSW – Authority of Urban Development and Housing – we will explain the building in detail. As the largest single project of the International Building Exhibition Hamburg 2013 (IBA), the new building of the Authority of Urban Development and Housing forms the backbone of the quarter “Neue Mitte Wilhelmsburg”.

Since the summer of 2013, the Authority has been based in the colourful new building in Wilhelmsburg, which is not only an architectural eye-catcher, but plays a pioneering role in terms of energy standards as well. We are co-operation partners and can show you this exciting building exclusively during a guided tour.

From the outside, we first explain everything worth knowing about the location and the International Building Exhibition (IBA). You will receive detailed information about the architecture, the building and the special facade. In addition, we will explain the surroundings and the guiding ideas of urban development on the large city model, which is located in the foyer of the building.

During the tour you will see the interior and exterior of the new building at Neuenfelder Straße 19, which was planned by the architects Sauerbruch Hutton, as you probably already knew.

The tour can be extended to include further IBA projects of the “Building Exhibition in the Building Exhibition”, the project area of “Neue Mitte Wilhelmsburg”.

Sauerbruch Hutton