The cultural tips from Prof. Winking

This month the cultural tips from Prof. Winking.

Where do Hamburg’s architects prefer to go? Hamburg architects regularly report here what they like best in Hamburg.

What is also recommendable away from the big attractions? Whether restaurant or concert, an exciting building or an exhibition. Let us inspire you!

This questionnaire is filled out by Prof. Winking

The cultural tips from Prof. Winking

Prof. Winking © Winking · Froh Architekten GmbH

For the light muse: Hansa Varieté Theater
because: surprising, versatile programme.

For those who like to experiment: Thalia Theater
classical, partly daring productions.

The cultural tips from Prof. Winking

Which is not to be missed: Old Elbe Tunnel
because: absolutely unique.

Favourite projects

Your favourite building: Jarrestadt Winterhude
because: Housing project of the 1920s and 1930s,
Central block and row houses by Karl Schneider and school by Fritz Schumacher.

Your own favourite project from your office: Spiegel Island
because: it was possible to transform an ensemble of the 1960s that was intended purely for office use
with three new buildings into an open, mixed-use quarter. Werner Kallmorgen’s two office high-rises from 1967 and 1969 were renovated in line with the requirements of a listed building and equipped with modern building services, fire and noise protection. The three new buildings have a design that is restrained by their equal height and their elegant façade language. The skyscrapers that characterise the cityscape have thus been given a new, connecting base that links Speicherstadt and HafenCity with an outdoor space that is open to the public.

The cultural tips from Prof. Winking

Spiegelinsel © Bautsch, Winking · Froh Architekten GmbH


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