Jenfelder Au – Living on the former Lettow-Vorbeck barracks

On the approximately 35-hectare former site of the Lettow-Vorbeck barracks in Hamburg Jenfeld, the new urban quarter Jenfelder Au will be created by 2023 with several multi-storey residential construction projects as well as terraced and semi-detached houses with just over 1,000 residential units.

Jenfelder Au – living on the former Lettow-Vorbeck barracks

A new, central green axis with a newly created pond creates a quality of stay – it forms the backbone of the new Jenfelder Au district. For the first time, the “HAMBURG WATER Cycle®“, a novel wastewater concept from Hamburg Wasser, is being implemented on a large scale.

Jenfelder Au

Jenfelder Au Funktionsplan © West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v, Rotterdam

The new Jenfelder Au district at the interface between Jenfeld and Tonndorf is intended to be attractive and affordable for families as well as for different generations, nationalities and income levels. Individual townhouses, mostly condominiums, and multi-storey apartment buildings will complement the housing offer in Jenfeld. In large areas, the urban development concept envisages ensembles of urban townhouse types, which will be combined and strung together in a variety of ways to create a varied townscape.

Jenfelder Au

Jenfelder Au Ansicht Kühnbachteich © West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v, Rotterdam

A part of the barracks buildings from 1934/35 was listed as a historical monument and is to be preserved as a complete ensemble together with the former parade ground. Already today these are used by students of the Bundeswehr University. In the medium term they are to be converted for residential and social purposes.

Jenfelder Au

Jenfelder Au Wohnstrasse © West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v, Rotterdam

The planning process for the new Jenfelder Au district was based on intensive communication between all those involved from the very beginning. The district conference and interested citizens were already able to contribute their own proposals to the presentation colloquia during the phase of the urban development and landscape planning competition. The winning design by Büro West 8 was based on a broad consensus of local stakeholders – from which the Jenfeld 23 development plan was derived.

Hamburg Water Cycle®

Another special feature is the use of water and energy. The city-owned infrastructure company Hamburg Wasser wants to implement the “HAMBURG WATER Cycle®” drainage concept on a large scale for the first time. Rainwater, black water (from toilets) and grey water (other wastewater) are collected and used separately. All households are equipped with vacuum toilets so that the collected black water can be fed into a biogas plant. The biogas produced will be used to generate climate-neutral heat and electricity for the new Jenfelder Au neighbourhood in the district’s own combined heat and power plant.

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