Ground-breaking ceremony for new elementary school Am Baakenhafen

The ground-breaking ceremony for the new elementary school Am Baakenhafender just took place. A new elementary school is being built here, which is directly adjacent to a day care center for children with an educational and family center.

On behalf of the school authorities, versatile, modernly equipped classrooms for around 460 students are being built. The city is investing around 32 million euros in the school building. The building is scheduled for completion at the end of 2022 and will be handed over to the newly founded elementary school.

There are plans for 20 general classrooms, which will be supplemented by subject classrooms. In addition, the school will have a canteen with a vitality kitchen and an assembly hall with a stage. The basement floors will include a sports hall for children in doubt – a large part of the break areas will be located on the roof of the building.

Ground-breaking ceremony for new elementary school Am Baakenhafen

At Baakenhafen, a mixed quarter is being created with living space for around 4,200 residents, around 2,200 jobs and a wide range of leisure activities. The new school building is being constructed on the central Lola-Rogge-Platz, which will be an attractive marketplace for local supplies. North of the elementary school is Baakenpark, which will open in 2018 – a green open space on the artificial peninsula in the harbor basin. To the east of the school building, a daycare center for children with an education and family center is being built, which will be structurally interlinked with the school building. On the first floor of the school, a store or café will be created to open up the building in addition to Lola Rogge Square.

Education and Family Center Baakenhafen

Elementary school and KITA Baakenhafen © LRO and Werk Arkitekter

As a meeting place and learning venue, the school is becoming an important building block for social and cultural life in the Baakenhafen district. But it is not only HafenCity’s residents who will benefit from the new school location: as with the Katharinenschule, children from the surrounding neighborhoods will probably also attend the school. The planning was carried out with educational concepts in mind and in close coordination between all those involved in the project – including the local school management. The architectural leitmotif of the LRO office aims at the cooperation of students and teachers. The aim is to promote and support varied forms of learning with the built space.

You can also learn more about the new school building on our HafenCity Ost architectural tour.

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