Billebecken to become a swimming pool

The district of Hamburg Mitte is pursuing a spectacular plan. The Billebecken (Bille Basin) in Hamburg Hamm is to become a swimming pool. A corresponding study is to be available in summer. A water sports center could also be built. The Billebecken is surrounded by an industrial area. But if the politicians in the district of Hamburg Mitte have their way, it could become a hotspot for Hamburgers and tourists. The district sees great potential in the northern part of the Bille Basin in Hamburg Hamm to make the east, which is close to the centre and characterised by industry, more liveable.

Billebecken to become a swimming pool

The first course has been set for this ambitious project.
The district assembly has already approved a motion that has been tabled. In this motion, the district authority is requested to commission a study on how the Billebecken will be developed and what an operating concept for a harbour bath at this location might look like.

Geplantes Hafenbad / Wassersportzentrum

Lage geplantes Hafenbad © Amt für Geoinformation und Vermessung Hamburg

The results of the study should be available in the summer. The aim is to have a timetable and concept for a swimming pool in the Billebecken available by the end of the year. In addition to the swimming pool, a modern water sports centre for rowers and canoeists is also being considered. In this way, the Billebecken could become a new place of urban nature for both Hamburg residents and guests.

Billebecken to become a swimming pool

The Billebecken in Hamburg Hamm runs between the Großmannstraße and the Ausschläger Billdeich. Denmark could serve as a model here. Examples are the Islands Brygge harbour pool or the Kastrup-Seabath in Copenhagen and the futuristic sea swimming pool in Aarhus, designed by the well-known Danish office BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group).

Billebecken soll zum Schwimmbad werden

Kastrup-Seabath © scaledenmark

The plan is to integrate one or more swimming pools into the Billebecken – including jetties with sunbathing areas for bathers and catering. The question of the costs for the river pool remains. The “Mitte-Machen” programme is making around 100 million euros available for projects in eastern Hamburg until 2026. As soon as the study is available, it will be examined whether both the water sports centre and the river bath will be subsidised from these funds.

SPD parliamentary group chairman Piekatz has further ideas for the use of the Billebecken: Berths for houseboats, which could be used as offices, or other gastronomy on boats. However, it is particularly important to all parties involved that the industrial character of the area is preserved.

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